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Where is the best place to begin? I suppose by warning people that this is a little bit of rant. However, it's very much needed in order to clear my head of cluttering thoughts.

I understand, I truly do, that there are no more original stories. Characters are simply dressed in new clothing. Plots are taken apart and pieced back together with other plots. Settings and descriptions are recycled over and over. I also understand that it is fine to be inspired by something you love. You should let it guide you and help you in your own creative adventures. I have a list of books, songs and movies that, when inspiration is running low, I turn to in order to revitalise my brain juices.

I get this.

What I don't get is how people can be praised as 'original' when it is more the damn obvious that they are not. When someone has taken a book/video game/movie and just....really, but the characters in a new setting. Yet people will embrace this as new. People will encourage this as good work.

Sometimes it can be youth that causes these errors. I know that I can fully admit to grabbing characters from existing stories and forcing them into a new role, while poorly veiling their true origin. 

What I cannot Accept is the wrong word. I meant, what I cannot understand is how someone who claims to be a 'published author' can get away with just copy pasting characters, device and plot into their work. It drives me...mad. What especially drives me mad is that no one has told them. No one has confronted them or questioned it.

Perhaps it's just me.....

Or maybe you've read something and thought 'hang on; this is just X/Y/Z re-told. How is this possibly considered to be original?'
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